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Robust garbage truck for little hobbyists

The trash can's full! How good it is that the garbage truck is coming today. Now the garbage can is quickly rolled to the vehicle and hooked there. If you lift the lever to empty it, it will be very exciting! Because then the contents of the garbage can are poured with a swing into the collection container. The garbage man figure will help you with the hard work. Once everything is stowed away, the garbage truck driver takes a seat behind the wheel again to drive the garbage truck to the recycling yard. There you can tilt the green trailer and the collected garbage falls out of the movable rear flap onto the floor of the game dump. For long-term fun, you can reassemble and disassemble the robust garbage truck over and over again.

Little garbage craftsmen from the age of four can assemble the garbage truck all by themselves. That's how getting into model building is so much fun. Success is guaranteed - thanks to the detailed step-by-step instructions and the child-friendly screwdriver included in the package. You can easily assemble your garbage truck without any effort.

- Movable doors and tilting mechanism

- moving garbage man figure 

- Refuse bin with movable lid and rollers


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