51 piese + 4 - 16% RV0820

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119.68 Lei


Cool police model car to assemble yourself - with police figure


Off to action - someone has called the 110 and needs help from the police! With your self-assembled police car you are quickly on the spot. This includes a policeman figure with uniform and cap. Play with this great set of police and hunt down thieves, robbers and speeders like a real policeman. Two pylons are located in the trunk of your police car so that you can close off accident and danger spots quickly. A "STOP" lettering and blue lights on the roof ensure that everyone knows immediately when you arrive with your police car. 


This set is ideal for all children from the age of four who have a soft spot for the police and the profession of a policeman. The little ones can easily assemble the model car themselves with the included screwdriver. An easy to understand construction manual with sketches in different colours helps them to put all parts of the car together correctly. And you're ready to play and try out important police tasks! With the Revell Junior Kit for little police fans, after the clever assembly of the toy, a lot of action is announced in the children's room.


- perfect for children's role-playing games

- 53 parts in total

- easy to assemble

- Top Quality from Revell

- movable doors and boot lids

- detailed designed vehicle interior

- second sticker variant (International Police) included


  • Varsta : 4
  • Piese : 51


  • Lungime : 235 mm