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The emergency doctor is already on his way!

Clear the way - the emergency doctor has to get through quickly! With your manoeuvrable emergency ambulance, you'll be on the spot very quickly to help the patients. Open the car doors on the spot and provide first aid with the enclosed emergency doctor's case in order to take care of them as best as possible. If problems should arise in the engine compartment during the rapid journeys, simply open the bonnet, repair the engine in a flash and the journey continues.

The kit is the perfect toy for small engineers from 4 years on and requires only a few steps until the first use. With the included plastic screwdriver you can quickly assemble and disassemble the car. The stickers give your ambulance the right look and show the inside of the engine and the ambulance case. 

The movable wheels allow you to drive the emergency doctor model car quickly and easily to the scene of the accident. On site you will find the right instruments in your emergency doctor backpack to help your patient!

- from 4 years

- movable doors

- openable bonnet

- emergency doctor's kit

- movable trunk

- very easy to assemble (Level 1)

- few parts

- rugged 

- rotating wheels

- enclosed plastic screwdriver

- Stickers with interior decoration

- transparent rear window 

- simple building instruction

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  • Model Kit

  • Modern

  • Dimensiuni

  • 181mm

  • 1:35


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Se pot folosi culori pe baza de apa, sau culori email.